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Five Things I’m Looking Forward to with Baby #2

A second pregnancy is different, I’ve heard.  And here in Week 7, I am finding it to be true.

For one thing, the symptoms I experienced the first time around seem to have arrived much earlier. But I also seem to have a better understanding of how to handle them (eat protein early, whether it sounds good or not…easier said than done most days but truly helpful.)

This week has been the most intense of this second pregnancy so far.  I’ve been nauseated, light headed, and spent the majority of two days on the couch.  This has not made for a great Spring Break for Abby, but thankfully I’ve started to feel better and we salvaged part of the week with playdates and a trip for ice cream.

Last time, I had no idea what to expect.  This time, I have a better idea (though I know no two pregnancies or babies are the same.)  Looking forward during my low moments, I can start to dread the late stages of pregnancy, remembering how difficult it was to get comfortable or sleep.  Or, I can focus on the uncertainty of delivery or the upcoming night wakings and sleep deprivation.

But I don’t want to dread the days ahead, when we are experiencing the blessing of another little one to love and raise.

So today I’m doing a quick round-up of five things I’m looking forward to in the upcoming months.

27 Weeks with Miss Abby Grace

Maternity Clothes

This one seems a little trivial, but I have a box of clothes in my closet from my first pregnancy, and I’m excited to wear them again!  It’s like a wardrobe refresh without having to buy new clothes.  In fact, I’ve already busted a few things out and added them to my rotation, even though this “belly” I’m sporting is in no way related to the tiny person growing inside (yet.)



Using a Stroller Again

Don’t get me wrong, reaching the point where I no longer needed to drag a half-ton of baby paraphernalia with me everywhere I went was a monumental milestone.  It’s nice to be able to unstrap Abby from her car seat and go.  At the same time…I miss having a place to sit my water bottle and hang my bag.  It’s the little things. 


auntie tula

Baby Wearing

I absolutely adored our Baby Tula baby carrier and I’m excited to get to use it again.  But I also wish we had started much earlier with Abby, in a wrap or a sling.  This time around, I will be prepared and have something ready to go in my hospital bag.  Since this baby will be joining a family with an active older sister, I think baby wearing will be essential to our busy life.  So, if you have a favorite wrap or sling, leave me a recommendation in the comments!

Becoming a Customer of Ryan & Rose

I have been following the company Ryan & Rose on Instagram for years (@ryanandrose), because the founder and owner, Lindsey Ferrell, was a college classmate of mine at UA Little Rock. Her company has absolutely exploded in popularity over the years, and the mamas who buy from her are die-hard fans.  I can’t wait to get my own Cutie Clips (pacifier clips), Cutie Pats (pacifiers she designed and patented) and Cutie Tensil (a super cool utensil babies can use to feed themselves independently.)  Not only to support a fellow interpreter and friend, but because from what I hear, her products are top-notch!

cutie clips

Watching Abby Become a Big Sister

Abby is as excited about the new baby as I think one could expect of an almost-4-year-old with a vague concept of time and limited experience.  But I know she will be amazing as a big sister.  She is already so eager to help and so independent, I know she will take to her new “responsibility” well.  Don’t get me wrong, I know sibling relationships can be tricky (just ask my little sister.)  But I am confident my Big Girl can rise to the challenge, and our family will be better for the new little one God is adding to our mix.


Will there be hard days ahead?  Undoubtedly.  But focusing on them will steal my joy in this moment, and I can’t afford for that to happen.  So I’ll keep thinking about the good things to come: baby cuddles and tiny giggles and seeing our family grow into the people God wants us to be.


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