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Alone Time Isn’t Everything

I penciled the dates into my planner with great anticipation: “Abby to Oklahoma” and “Abby to New York.”

Two full weeks, one in June and one in July.

Time with the grandparents for her, and scheduled breaks for me.

An oasis for this introverted mom amidst the constant togetherness of summer.

The Holy Grail of my recent life.

Alone time.

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Decisions, Decisions – Summer 2019

Welcome to the second installment of the Decisions, Decisions feature!

As the self-identified Indecisive Mama, obviously choices aren’t my forte.  But occasionally I make some really good ones, and when that happens, I like to brag about document them here.

I’m blogging this week from a standing desk in the lobby of a Hilton hotel, where I’m attending an interpreting conference. My brain is tired from workshops today, and my feet and back aren’t going to put up with this for too long.

So without further ado, some good decisions I’ve made so far this summer!

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Wisdom from Dads for Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day weekend, and maybe, like me, you’ve been scrambling a little to find the right gift or the right words to honor the most important Dad in your life. (Anyone else’s husband like mine: next to impossible to surprise and even harder to buy gifts for??)

Thinking about the best way I can honor the amazing father of my own children, I thought about what means the most to me, on Mother’s Day or my birthday.  And hands down, the best gifts I ever receive are the ones which show me my husband (or my family, or a friend) listened to something I said and acted on it.

So today, I want to share some insights from dads. Things I, as a mom, didn’t realize dads needed, until I asked.  You might not find the perfect gift to wrap in a bow and place beside his breakfast on Sunday morning, but maybe you’ll take away something you can do to show that special man in your life how much you appreciate all that he does for you and your kids.

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What I Learned This Spring

I’m always baffled by the fact that summer doesn’t technically begin until late June, when the summer solstice occurs.

I mean, 1) School is out, and also 2) it hit the upper 90’s (F) here this week.

So, even though I am aware the calendar doesn’t doesn’t support my conclusion, spring has come and gone in my book.

Emily P. Freeman agrees with me.  This week I’m joining her seasonal practice of looking back on what I’ve learned this spring (ie. March – May.)

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Reflecting on Three Years of Uncertainty

This week, Facebook Memories informed me that we’ve officially reached the third anniversary of our move to North Carolina.

Three years ago Thursday we saw our house for the first time.  We took a trip to Wal-Mart for curtains (our master windows face the street…curtains were a crucial first purchase) and slept on the floor while we awaited our household goods shipment.

In about a month or so, we will come up on another three-year anniversary.  The anniversary of the day our entire path began to shift in ways we never saw coming.

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When Life Seems Crazy, Stick to the Basics

I’ve been in a fog, or a funk, or some other kind of situation where I can’t seem to get myself together enough to actually function.

On second thought, maybe that’s just called the first trimester of pregnancy.

In any case, I haven’t been feeling very motivated, creative, or productive. (Though, technically, at the moment I’m both of the latter things, despite not being the former. So take THAT, negative inner-critic.)

When life is like this, it feels interminable.  Like slogging through mud or sitting in Honolulu traffic. (Side note: everyone dreams about going to Hawaii…as someone who lived there for three years let me tell you, it’s one of the most gorgeous places on Earth.  Also, the traffic is the literal worst.)

My only advice for these seasons is to just get through it.  And I do that by sticking to the basics and letting the other things go.

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An Introverted Mom Prepares for Summer

Fifteen.  That’s how many days are left before my high-energy, ultra-extroverted, go-go-go girl’s preschool year ends.

No more little friends for her to play with every day.  No more structured activities and fun crafts, led by patient preschool teachers.  No more playground just outside, where she can run off energy and pick flowers and swing.

No more quiet mornings to listen to my podcasts in peace.  No more solo grocery shopping.  No more guaranteed hours to write, or clean, or read a book, or nap.


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Consistency in an Unexpected Season

Last week I wrote about my Word for Spring: consistency.  I talked about my April Tending List from my Powersheets Goal Planner.  I started out the month with high hopes to practice increased focus and consistency so as to create space for intentional rest.

What I didn’t say last week (though my mom pointed out a subliminal hint in the last line of the post…totally unintentional) is that just a couple weeks ago, we got a big surprise.

I’m pregnant!


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