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Coming Soon: Stewardship Series

If you came over yesterday, looking for my weekly rambling, I’m sorry to disappoint. I find that I’m easing into 2019 a little slower than I planned.  My sister has been visiting, and since we don’t see each other in person nearly often enough, taking time to spend with her was a big priority.

In addition, while the goals I mentioned in last week’s post have begun to crystallize and become more clear, several of them are pretty big and daunting prospects.  Rather than hitting the ground running, it feels like I need to take January to prepare myself, mentally and spiritually, for what I’m going to be attempting this year.

So while today’s post is a bit shorter than normal, I did want to come over and leave a little note to let you know: I have some big stuff in the works!  But as is often the case with good things, it’s taking some time.

Coming Soon

My word for 2019 is steward.  I talked about that last week, and also a bit on Instagram.  I’ve also framed my Nine Big Goals for this year in terms of stewardship.

This year I will:

  • Steward my physical health
  • Steward my spiritual health
  • Steward my motherhood
  • Steward my marriage
  • Steward my time online
  • Steward my relationships with family
  • Steward my relationships with friends
  • Steward my home
  • Steward my voice

As I head out on this journey to be a better steward of the gifts and talents God has entrusted to me, I’m taking you along!  I’ll share some specifics of how I’m working toward being a better steward, what I’m learning, and what God is doing in my life as I follow His call to stewardship.

Next week I’ll bring you Part 1: Stewarding My Physical Health.  I’m just beginning a new health and wellness program, The FASTER Way to Fat Loss, and while I’m mildly terrified, I’m also really hopeful about the changes I could see in my physical health over the next couple months.

For daily glimpses of how my life is impacted by focusing on stewardship in 2019, follow @theindecisivemama on Instagram or like The Indecisive Mama on Facebook.  And if you see something that encourages you, I’d be honored for you to share it with a friend.

I hope you’ll join me as I grow in stewardship, and that along the way you’re inspired as well!  I pray 2019 is our best year yet!

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